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Hormone Based Solutions

Hormone Based Solutions to Menopause

HRT is still the treatment with the most evidence for menopause symptoms. Not everyone can take it, but many women can and find it really helps. Learn more about the different types of HRT here.
Alternative therapies for menopause
HRT is not the only way to treat hormonal symptoms associated with the menopause. There are non-prescription products and therapy based approaches which can help too. This summarises some other treatments you can consider.
4 minutes
Body Identical HRT
Body identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the recommended treatment for menopause in the UK. It's the lowest risk, and most well regulated form of HRT. We briefly explain what it is, how it's different and what to look out for when you get your prescription.
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Side Effects of HRT
HRT, like other medications, does have some side effects. The side effects will differ depending on your body and the type of HRT you are taking.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy after your periods have stopped
Women who are more than one year past their last period need to take hormone therapy continuously. This article explains what that means, and why it is important.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy whilst you still have periods
Women who are still having periods can take hormone replacement therapy - they just have to take it in a slightly different way. This way of taking HRT is called cyclical HRT. This article explains what it means to take cyclical HRT is and why it is important.
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FAQs before starting HRT
It's common to have a lot of questions before starting HRT. Here, our medical advisor shares answers to some of the most common questions you might have before starting HRT.
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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) - explained
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the most common medical treatment of menopause. There's a lot of confusion about the risks and benefits of HRT - and it can be hard to understand whether it might help you. This article explains what HRT is, the different forms and it's pros and cons.
10 minutes
HRT patches
Many women use HRT patches to help reduce their menopause symptoms. This is a short introduction to patches, and how they work.
2 minutes
HRT spray
There's a new form of transdermal HRT - oestrogen spray (Lenzetto). This covers what it is, and how to use it.
2 minutes
HRT tablets
There are many different forms of HRT. This explains more about the tablet form.
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Oestrogen gel
Oestrogen gel is a common form of HRT. It's applied straight onto the skin on a daily basis. Here we explain the benefits of oestrogen gel.
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Oestrogen Hormone Therapy
Replacing the hormone oestrogen is a crucial part of all hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Here we explain why oestrogen is so important; who it's suitable for; the different forms of oestrogen HRT; and the risks associated with each form.
9 minutes
Progesterone Hormone Therapy
Progesterone an important part of hormone replacement therapy for some, but not all women. Here we explain who needs progesterone, why they need it, and the best forms of progesterone.
4 minutes
Utrogestan - body identical progesterone
The medication Utrogestan is a commonly recommended form of progesterone HRT. You need progesterone if you still have a womb - to protect the womb lining. Utrogestan is a body identical form of HRT, meaning that it's low risk.
2 minutes
Vaginal Oestrogen
Vaginal Oestrogen is one of the lowest risk forms of HRT. It can be taken as an alternative too, or alongside systemic HRT. Have a read to learn all about what it is, how to apply it, and why it is a safer option.
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