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Pause & Reflect

One of the wildest things about menopause is just how different it can be - no two paths are the same. Here we collect the stories of women who have generously shared their experiences with us. Their ups and downs, their lessons learned, their wisdom gained. Join us in celebrating these incredible women and their journeys. And if you’d like to share your tale, we’d love to hear from you.

“I’m confident that I had enough factual, non-biased, information to make the informed choice I wanted. For me, the decision to take HRT was not only about the symptoms but also about protecting my future health from dementia, heart disease and osteoporosis.”

“I trawled through any website I could find about menopause that could properly explain to me why I felt so horrific. I discovered there were 34 symptoms associated with it. I only knew about 4!”

“Perimenopause is undoubtedly a perplexing time. It certainly stumped me. The issue is that many of us simply aren’t prepared for this phase of our lives. ”

“Just after my symptoms began I changed my job - from finance to setting up my own business. I noticed that with the stress of this change my symptoms got a lot worse. I was having these episodes far more frequently. Migraines, nausea and stomach issues could last up to 48 hours. By my early 40s my periods had also completely stopped.”

“What have I learnt on this ‘journey’? We’ll all have a unique experience of menopause, from those ‘sailors’ sailing through menopause with ne’er a symptom suffered, to those who have debilitating, life-changing experiences with 3 in 4 of us being somewhere in the middle. We shouldn’t compare and should make decisions based on our own experience, philosophy and health history.”

“The landscape may have shifted, but once the earthquake settles nature takes over and the new ecology establishes itself. Let's embrace our hormones when we have them but not spend time mourning their loss! Life is more than the ability to reproduce - and postmenopausal women are an integral part of our society.”

More stories coming soon.

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