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Let's change the conversation and learn about menopause. Too many women feel alone or ignored. Let's share ways to get through the journey together.

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You are not alone

The stigma around menopause needs to end. It leaves women feeling alone, overwhelmed, and as though they may not have a net of support - but it shouldn't be like that. Especially when in fact millions of other women around the world are currently menopausal.

Our mission here is simple: We’re here to change this conversation by having this conversation. #MenopausewithAlva

Learn from real women

There's so much power in sharing experiences - but currently, women are missing out. The media makes us believe menopause is all about loss - of youth, of beauty... but there's so much life to be lived in the second act. Knowing you'll get through it, and what that feels like, can give a sense of hope. There's courage, strength, and wisdom on the other side - and a full life to look forward to.

"I really do believe we need more education on menopause - especially the duration. In particular, we women need to know what’s happening when it starts and how to manage symptoms whether we choose medication or not."

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Upcoming events:

  • Midlife Natters series with Honor Marks and Cathy Proctor at 5:30 pm on Alva's Instagram. Every Monday until October 19th.
  • Virtual meet-up: The perfect safe space for you to chat with other women and connect with them. Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays. Sign up here to be reminded before every meet-up.

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Unmute menopause.

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