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Utrogestan - body identical progesterone

Utrogestan - body identical progesterone

The medication Utrogestan is a commonly recommended form of progesterone HRT. You need progesterone if you still have a womb - to protect the womb lining. Utrogestan is a body identical form of HRT, meaning that it's low risk.

Utrogestan, also known as 'micronised progesterone', is a form of HRT containing the hormone progesterone. It is derived from plants, yams and root vegetables. Utrogestan is 'body identical' to the progesterone in our bodies - which means it's physically identical to the structure of the hormone which our bodies make. Because of this similarity - it's the lowest risk form of progesterone you can take.

Why take Utrogestan?

Utrogestan is a progesterone only HRT. It will be used alongside oestrogen-only forms of HRT (HRT spray, Oestrogen gel etc.) for women who still have a womb. By taking oestrogen only HRT, the lining of your womb can begin to accumulate. Utrogestan will act to ensure this lining is appropriately shed, preventing unnecessary risks of womb cancer. Together, this combined form of HRT acts to reduce menopausal symptoms in a safer way.

How to take it:

Utrogestan is a capsule that is taken orally. The dosage and how you take it will depend on what stage of menopause you are in. Always read the prescription label, and the instructions of medication before you start.

Sometimes, Utrogestan can cause you to feel sleepy or slightly dizzy. It is recommended that you take this tablet at night to help reduce the impact of these side effects.