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The menopause support you deserve

Every menopause is different - but every woman deserves support. We assess your menopause symptoms, and help you find the right treatment

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Setting a new standard in menopause care

Getting the information you need isn't always easy. Alva gives women access to personalised information, assessment and treatment for menopause.


You're not alone

13 million women in the UK are going through menopause right now. There are 34 different symptoms and each person will have a unique mixture of them.

The stigma surrounding menopause can leave women feeling isolated. It's time for something different. You are not alone - we're here to support you.

Women should have access to high-quality healthcare that puts them first

Expert care from home

Put yourself first for 10 minutes. Try Alva's free consultation.

You'll receive immediate answers about your menopause stage, personalised advice and treatment options. If you choose, you can buy your recommended medical treatment through Alva.

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“Just after my symptoms began I changed my job - from finance to setting up my own business. I noticed that with the stress of this change my symptoms got a lot worse. I was having these episodes far more frequently. Migraines, nausea and stomach issues could last up to 48 hours. By my early 40s my periods had also completely stopped.”



Take your time - we'll listen

Ever felt rushed to explain how you feel? Or had your feelings dismissed?

You're not alone. We're here to listen at Alva, and support you to take the next step in your journey. You can help others on their journey too.

Learn about menopause with Alva

Designed by doctors, who want to help

  • Co-developed our platform with some of the UK's leading menopause experts
  • Information and articles are always clinically reviewed
  • The consultation is a regulated medical product, and follows the UK NICE guidelines for menopause care
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Dr Katie Baker
Dr Katie Baker NHS GP and Alva's Medical Director
Dr Carly Hughes
Dr Carly Hughes NHS GP and behaviour change expert with over 25 years experience

Hear from women who've taken Alva's consultation

We've worked with women at all stages of menopause to develop Alva's consultation - here's what they think.
"I think this is something every women should have access to."
Imogen, 51
"The personalised information and support I received from the Alva team helped me understand MY symptoms and armed me with the information to make an informed choice on the correct treatment for me."
Andrea, 50
"Sounds a bit silly, but I really felt like Alva cared for me. It seemed like the consultation was going to help me find a solution - give me some hope. Hope for some answers."
Jude, 51
"I was already thinking about HRT, but after doing the Alva consultation it's really made me want to take action and give it a try. Like the final push I needed to do something about it."
Sharon, 50
"I have been suffering from peri menopausal symptoms for the last few months, ranging from hot flushes to brain fog and mood swings. The assessment from Alva has proved invaluable in helping me understand these symptoms and, more importantly, what steps to take next."
Mac, 45