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Understand your menopause

Supporting you with information and advice based on hard evidence and real experiences.

Our mission

“Not a pause, a seismic shift”

Half the population have a menopause - yet it's barely talked about. It's natural, but for some it's incredibly difficult. Why is it so hard to understand, let alone get help?

Our goal is to support women through their menopause. Our mission is to change the conversation. Alva is going to be a seismic shift for women’s health.

Our assessment

Know where you're at on the journey

Menopausal symptoms can start 10 years before your last period.

Anxiety, depression, hot flushes, fatigue... it can be hard to know what's going on with your body. Understand where you're at in the journey with our assessment.

Our community

Don't go through menopause alone

Too many women we've spoken to told us they felt isolated and alone. That’s why we’re starting a community - to support each other, share tips and simply just to vent.