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The menopause support you deserve

Every menopause is different - but every woman deserves support. We assess your menopause symptoms, and help you find the right treatment.

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Our service is based on guidelines from

British Menopause Society, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists badges

Answers within 10 minutes

Take Alva's free online consultation and get answers about your menopause today.

Treatment delivered to you

If treatment is right for you, we deliver medication through your letterbox within 3 days.

Ongoing support & optimisation

Get access to our community, and your prescription revered by a doctor after 3 months.

Transforming menopause for this generation & the next

Immediate answers about your menopause symptoms.

Appointments with expert clinicians.

Treatment delivered to your door.

Your care plan reviewed after 3 months.

A supportive community of women, with fortnightly meetups.

Finally, you can get high-quality menopause support that doesn't cost the earth.

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How Alva works

After 10 minutes

Get answers about your menopause

Take Alva's free online consultation and get information about your symptoms and treatment options.

After 3 days

Get treatment delivered to you

If treatment is right for you, we deliver medication through your letterbox within 3 days.

After 3 months

Get your care plan reviewed by a doctor

After 3 months, you get a free care plan review by a doctor to ensure you're on the right dose and make any necessary changes.


Get access to our menopause support community

Join over 2000 women sharing their stories and supporting each other through menopause, and come along to our fortnightly virtual meetups.

Lisa, 49

Alva is a wonderfully designed service for women who are struggling and shouldn’t be. This has gone on too long and Alva recognise this. We are expected to suffer in silence. Not any more.

Paula, 52

My consultation with Alva gave me the confidence I needed to start on my HRT journey and I haven't looked back.

Katy, 44

Alva truly listen. There's a real empathy and understanding there, which makes me feel totally supported in this journey through perimenopause. I highly recommend Alva.

Joanna, 48

Amazing service which I hope all women who need it, use it. It's helped me get back to feeling like me again!

Leanne, 49

Feeling fantastic - better than I have been in years. As if I’ve had a 5-year hangover and suddenly it’s gone.

Amy, 43

I found Alva very helpful and very reasonable in price. I'm glad I've been taken seriously and that I have been listened to.

Designed by doctors

Alva is co-developed with some of the UK's leading menopause experts.

Our online consultation is a regulated medical device and follows the UK NICE guidelines for menopause care.

Dr Katie Baker

Dr Katie Baker

Katie Baker is Alva's Medical Director and an NHS GP. She has worked in two healthcare startups, focussing on women's health.

Dr Baker holds a Diploma in Sexual & Reproductive Health and is a Member of the British Menopause Society. Most recently she has completed the British Menopause Society Principles & Practice of Menopause Care training programme.

Dr Carly Hughes

Dr Carly Hughes

Carly Hughes is an NHS GP with over 28 years of experience in primary care. She has particular expertise in behaviour changes and weight management. She’s combined her weight management expertise with her knowledge of menopause to help women understand the complex relationship between menopause and weight changes.

Dr Hughes recently completed the British Menopause Society course on delivering group cognitive behaviour therapy for hot flushes.

You're not alone

13 million women in the UK are going through menopause right now. There are 34 different symptoms and each person will have a unique mixture of them.

The stigma surrounding menopause can leave women feeling isolated. It's time for something different. You are not alone - we're here to support you.


“Just after my symptoms began I changed my job - from finance to set up my own business. I noticed that with the stress of this change my symptoms got a lot worse. I was having these episodes far more frequently. Migraines, nausea and stomach issues could last up to 48 hours. By my early 40s, my periods had also completely stopped.”


Women should have access to high-quality healthcare that puts them first.

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