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Setting a new standard in menopause care

We're on a mission to improve menopause for this generation and the next. Empowering all women with answers, personalised insights and treatment options, so you can get the menopause support you deserve.

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Your health, in the hands of experts

Alva has been created by a passionate team of experts in medicine, design and technology.

Our Medical Advisory Board includes gynaecologists, GPs, menopause doctors and pharmacists. Our consultation brings their knowledge together in one regulated medical device to make high-quality menopause care accessible for all women.

More than just a hot flush

Did you know there are 34 symptoms of menopause?

Women need more information about menopause to help them better prepare. Opening up the conversation about all symptoms, so women can find the support they need is something we feel passionately about. Our platform carefully considers all symptoms.

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We're in this for the long run

Half the population experience menopause. 13 million women in the UK are going through menopause right now. Yet it's under-researched and poorly understood. We want to help fill the gaps in research, as well as care.

By accumulating more information about menopause symptoms and experiences, we can help advance the science and make menopause easier for women everywhere.

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Be part of the change in menopause care

We want to work with organisations, including the NHS, to help advance menopause research and care. Education, assessment and treatment needs to more accessible to all women. If you're a clinician or organisation who shares our passion, please get in touch.