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Menopause can be hard, getting help shouldn't be

Our free consultation empowers you with immediate answers and personalised treatment options to relieve your symptoms

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Accessible for all

Free, high-quality menopause care and support 24/7.

Comprehensive consultation

Safe recommendations based on an in-depth health assessment.

Expert approved

Designed by doctors and regulated by the MHRA.

Get answers in minutes, not months

Understand where you are in your menopause journey and what you can do to manage your symptoms and feel in control of your health

Complete your free at-home consultation
Answer a series of questions about your menopause symptoms and medical history. For most women it takes around 10 minutes, but the length of the assessment varies based on your answers.
Understand your options
We'll take you through your treatment options and personalised insights so you can make an informed choice about your next steps.
Choose your treatment, and have it delivered to your door
Eligible for treatment? After a clinician has reviewed your case, you can order your recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) through Alva and our partner pharmacy. We’ll check in with you after 3 months, at your free medication review, to see how it’s going and if your dose needs adjusting.
The first prescription is always 3 months and costs £12-36 per month.
Get ongoing support, beyond medication
We're with you for the long run. Join our community for support from women on the same journey as you and explore our Library for evidence-based articles demystifying symptoms and solutions. Soon you’ll be able to keep track of your symptoms through Alva’s app too.

Hear from women who've taken Alva's consultation

We've worked with women at all stages of menopause to develop Alva's consultation - here's what they think.
"I think this is something every women should have access to."
Imogen, 51
"The personalised information and support I received from the Alva team helped me understand MY symptoms and armed me with the information to make an informed choice on the correct treatment for me."
Andrea, 50
"Sounds a bit silly, but I really felt like Alva cared for me. It seemed like the consultation was going to help me find a solution - give me some hope. Hope for some answers."
Jude, 51
"I was already thinking about HRT, but after doing the Alva consultation it's really made me want to take action and give it a try. Like the final push I needed to do something about it."
Sharon, 50
"I have been suffering from peri menopausal symptoms for the last few months, ranging from hot flushes to brain fog and mood swings. The assessment from Alva has proved invaluable in helping me understand these symptoms and, more importantly, what steps to take next."
Mac, 45
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Here to help you understand HRT

HRT gets a lot of good and bad press - it's confusing! There are also many different types - patches, gels, and localised vaginal estrogen options. So understanding whether it's a good option for you can be really difficult.

Based on the information you share with us, Alva's consultation helps you understand:
  • Your own personal risks and benefits for taking HRT
  • The safest form of HRT you could take
  • Other treatment options aside from medication

The UK's National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) recommends HRT as the first treatment for menopause but highlights the importance of knowing your personal risks and benefits for this medication. This is exactly what we've designed our consultation to do.

Read more about HRT

A new solution, created by doctors

Alva's consultation has been created by a team of experts in medicine, design and technology.

Our Medical Advisory Board includes gynaecologists, GPs, menopause doctors and pharmacists. Our consultation brings their knowledge together in one regulated medical device to make high-quality menopause care accessible, for free.

Dr Katie Baker
Dr Katie Baker NHS GP and Alva's Medical Director
Dr Carly Hughes
Dr Carly Hughes NHS GP and behaviour change expert with over 25 years experience.

Putting you at the centre of your menopause care

Alva is building a healthcare platform to support women through their menopause. We want to give all women information about their options for menopause - so that every woman gets the support they deserve.

What you can get from Alva now:

  • Straightforward information about menopause in our library
  • Our free consultation - a regulated service to deliver personalised menopause advice
  • HRT prescriptions, delivered to your door in days
  • A community of women who support each other

What's coming next:

  • Other treatment options for menopause symptoms, including cognitive behavioural therapy programmes
  • Developing our support app, so you can keep track of your experience
  • Growing our community, so everyone feels less alone
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