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Menopause Basics

It's always wise to start with the basics. Learn about what menopause is; what the different stages are; and how it can impact your health.
Periods in perimenopause
Let's be honest - periods do NOT get better with time. That's one of the many myths we're told as teenagers. 'Don't worry - it's the worst when they start'... In fact, many women find their periods get worse with age. Certainly they become more unpredictable as you approach menopause.
How can I talk to my partner about the menopause?
It is important to discuss menopause with your partner if the symptoms are affecting your life. Although a difficult conversation, this is one worth having, and may also make this time easier for you!
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Dispelling the common myths about HRT
There is a lot of information out there regarding HRT - some true, some false. We are here to identify those myths and clear up common questions that women have regarding HRT so that you feel you can make an informed decision moving forward.
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Chemical menopause
Chemical menopause is used to describe a temporary and reversible artificial menopause. This can be used to treat a number of conditions and is safe when monitored thoroughly.
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Tests to check for menopause
Menopause is not a medical condition - it's a natural part of aging for women. So it doesn't need a 'diagnosis' as such. But if you are wondering about how doctors identify menopause we explain that here. We've broken it down by age, as this plays a big part in how doctors assess menopause.
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How long does menopause last?
Menopause can be a confusing time with a lot of uncertainty regarding when it begins and when it ends. This transition can be a slow process, be patient with it and give your body the time it needs to adjust to change.
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Induced/Surgical menopause
When the ovaries are removed, or stopped from working by a medical treatment women have what is called an 'induced' menopause. It's more common than you might think. This explains the basics of what an induced menopause is, when it might happen and why this type of menopause can be particularly hard.
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34 Symptoms of Menopause
There's a lot more to perimenopause and menopause than just the hot flush. There are 34 recognised symptoms of menopause and we share them here.
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Getting help with menopause
A quick break down of how you can get support for your menopause. If you're suffering - don't do it alone. Seek support, advice and medical treatment if necessary. There's also some tips on how to prepare for medical appointments if you want to see a doctor.
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What is perimenopause?
Perimenopause can be a confusing time. A lot of change is happening with your body and you may begin to experience some symptoms. This is not anything to be afraid of, but you should know what it entails and what is coming next.
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Signs and Symptoms of Menopause
Hormone levels dropping can cause all sorts of symptoms for women. About 85% of women experience some hormone-related symptoms as they approach and transition through menopause. Most symptoms last for about 4 years after your last period, but one in every 10 women experience them for up to 12 years from the start of perimenopause to the end of menopause. There are many different symptoms linked to menopause. Here, we explain some of the most common. It's important to know there are lots of services and products that can help you along your menopause journey.
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Menopause 101
Not heard much about the menopause? Don't worry - you're not alone. Here's a quick guide to what you need to know.
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What Age does Menopause Start?
There is no clear starting or ending point for your menopause journey. Every women will have their own experience. This article will run you through the stages of your menopause and when you may begin to experience your symptoms.
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