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Safe & effective treatment for your menopause symptoms

Hot flushes? Unexplained anxiety? Vaginal dryness? Our safe, personalised menopause treatments can help relieve your symptoms so you can feel like yourself again.

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Our service is formulated by guidelines from

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Find the right menopause treatment for you

Falling oestrogen in menopause is the main cause of symptoms, that’s why replacing oestrogen with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or vaginal oestrogen has been shown to relieve symptoms quickly & effectively.

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Systemic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  • Treats symptoms such as dry skin, hot flushes, low libido, muscle pain, unexplained anxiety and brain fog.
  • First recommended treatment for menopause symptoms according to UK clinical guidelines
  • For women with a womb, progesterone capsules are also needed as part of your treatment (available from Alva).
  • Available from Alva: progesterone capsules, oestrogen gel, oestrogen patches and combined oestrogen & progesterone patches
  • Minimum 3 month treatment plan. Many women will start to feel the effects within a number of days or weeks. It can take up to 3 months to feel the full benefits. We will help you by reviewing your treatment after 3 months.
  • Body identical
  • Plant based

From £15.00 per month (oestrogen only)

From £27.00 per month (combined)

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Vaginal Oestrogen Treatment

  • Treats vaginal symptoms such as dryness, how often you need to use the toilet and painful sex
  • Low dose, so it's safe to take for long periods to help prevent symptoms returning
  • Can be used alone or in combination with systemic HRT
  • Available from Alva: Ovestin, Vagifem or Imvaggis vaginal oestrogen creams
  • Body identical

From £18.00 per month

How it works

Complete your free online consultation

Answer a series of questions about your menopause symptoms, lifestyle and medical history, so we can assess whether HRT is an option for you and what your personal benefits and risks are for taking HRT.

Choose your treatment or book a doctor consultation

Eligible for HRT? Order your recommended treatment through Alva and our partner pharmacy. If you still have questions about HRT, you can also schedule a video consultation with one of our partner GPs.

Get treatment delivered to your door

Once you’ve ordered your treatment, it’ll arrive on your doorstep 2-3 days later. The first prescription is always three months. We’ll check in with you after three months, at your free medication review, to see how it’s going and if your dose needs adjusting.

Symptoms HRT is effective at treating

Unexplained depression illustration

Unexplained depression

Thinning hair illustration

Thinning hair

Headaches illustration


Lack of concentration illustration

Lack of concentration

Joint pain illustration

Joint pain

Hot flushes illustration

Hot flushes

Vaginal dryness illustration

Vaginal dryness

Urinary frequency illustration

Urinary frequency

Brittle nails illustration

Brittle nails

Dry skin illustration

Dry skin

Irritability illustration


Low libido illustration

Low libido

Backed by leading menopause experts

Image of Dr Carly Hughes

Dr Carly Hughes

GP and behaviour change expert

Dr Carly Hughes is a NHS GP with expertise in behaviour changes and weight management. She’s combined her weight management expertise with her knowledge on menopause to help women understand the complex relationship between menopause and weight changes. Carly recently completed the British Menopause Society course on delivering group cognitive behaviour therapy for hot flushes.

Image of Dr Susanna Unsworth

Dr Susanna Unsworth

GP and menopause & women's health specialist

Susanna has dedicated her career to advancing women’s healthcare. Alongside being a Specialty Doctor in a NHS Breast Clinic, Susanna founded Cambridge Women’s Health, to provide women with the time and attention they need to discuss their health concerns. Susanna has completed a number of specialist diplomas, including an Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care.

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